How to Make Homemade Boba (Tapioca Pearls) – DIY Brown Sugar Boba Recipe

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I’ve never had #brownsugarboba -an icy drink of milk and brown sugar with chewy tapioca pearls- and since I’m a 3-hour drive from New York City where a branch of Tiger Sugar just opened up, I’m doing the next best thing and making it myself. Yep, the whole bit. Homemade tapioca pearls aka boba along with a dark brown sugar syrup topped with milk and cream. YEEESSS, please.
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Eater article about Tiger Sugar in NYC:
My old Milk Tea video:
I used Cooking Tree’s recipe for the tapioca pearls:
I watched the following videos for reference:
Xing Fu Tang
Oven Fresh by Christine
Savor Easy
Erwan Huessaff
The Sweet Mi
Brown Sugar Boba – Cooking Tree’s recipe
45 g muscavado sugar
60g. water
90 g. tapioca + for dusting
70 g. muscavado sugar for syrup (I used 35 g. in the video because I boiled a half batch of boba)
~2/3 C. whole milk
2-3 T. slightly whipped cream
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Tapioca Starch (Amazon affiliate link):
Dark Muscavado sugar (Amazon affiliate link):
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